Welcome to ‘2nd Home Croatia’ your real estate advisor for Croatia!

Second home Croatia
With the advice of your purchase supervisor of 2ndHomeCroatia you make the right decisions when purchasing your property in Croatia.

We advise you on the purchase price, location, technical condition, we verify permits and (land) registration, inform you about zoning plans, local regulations concerning construction and renovation, give you personal guidance and translation of documents.

We negotiate for the best price for you.

We work for you and are independent of the broker or selling party!

We do not work for the percentage of the sales price, but have fixed prices and you can always submit a quotation that meets the services you require.

What do we do for you during the purchase process? – We represent your interests!

We look for suitable real estate objects that suit your wishes
We accompany you during the viewings of real estate *
We advise, give support and negotiate the best price for you
We accompany you in all legal matters

In short, we take all your worries off your hands!

*We can organise a property viewing trip so you can visit and view several properties and sites.  We will give you a detailed personal offer with travel costs and travel scheme aimed at your personal wishes.

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