Prices for our advice and consultancy

A. Search, viewings and purchase price negotiations

For our Croatian property purchase guidance and advice, we present to you potentially interesting real estate objects that meet your wishes as best as possible, we arrange property viewings *, guiding, translating and advising during the visits, and negotiating and agreeing on the final (re) purchase price of the property.

The fixed price for this service is € 749,00 including VAT.

* for the extra price of a property viewing tour, we can offer you a personal offer depending on the number of site visits, travel period, type of transport and accommodation.

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B. Preparation of purchase, notarial deeds and finalizing of purchase

Before a definitive purchase can be made, it is very sensible to carry out a thorough investigation into the permits and financial burdens that rest on the relevant property. We can find all necessary information for you, and cadastral registration for you, we translate the notarial deeds (not officially) if you want this to be done by a certified translation agency can do this (the extra charge is passed on to you), prepare and help with the applying for a bank account in Croatia. We guide you personally in the final purchase of the real estate – we give you English-speaking guidance during reading and signing of the purchase deed, the registration of the deed and registration in the land register, and help you to transfer the utilities. We give an overview of additional costs that are for your account such as property taxes, legal costs and registration in land registry.

The price for this service is € 1.049,00 including VAT.

You will receive € 249,00 discount from us if you also used our services listed under A.


C. Advice, help and guidance during construction or renovation

On request we can also help and advise you on new construction, smaller and larger renovations. You can think of help with searching for and requesting quotes and negotiating with contractors, architects, construction companies. We can give you a personal quote as this depends on the nature of the (new) construction and scope of the renovation.

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D. Advice and help with arranging other matters

In addition to advice and assistance with the purchase of real estate, we can also take care of other matters related to the purchase and occupation of a house in Croatia. You can think of requesting and arranging various insurance policies, importing a car, and much more.
We can give you a personal quote depending on the nature of the services you require.

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